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Lead by planting the SEAD. Join our team.

The world needs dreamers and doers but most importantly, we need dreamers who do.

SEAD isn’t a typical org. We’re intentional about disrupting, nurturing, crafting, and creating a “for us, by us” approach in everything we do– from reimagining how to preserve our native Southeast Asian tongues to community-based storytelling. We’re looking for changemakers, trailblazers and creative thinkers. Care about empowering Southeast Asian diaspora by co-creating with through community-based approaches? If you’re a creative thinker, have a proven track record of leading fearlessly, and are community-oriented with an open heart and mind on your sleeve; then we’re looking for you. Those with Southeast Asian heritage (Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Vietnamese) are highly encouraged to join our growing family of board members, staff and volunteers.


For questions about how to get involved as a volunteer, email