The Heritage Hub

Impress yourself. Connecting with one’s Southeast Asian roots is more than preservation. It’s not only about identity or being able to speak to our elders, but is a meaningful experience and journey in growing reading, writing, and speaking skills for a purpose and to transform our communities through it– by us for us.

We hold language instruction courses and heritage workshops that are intensive, fun and engaging intended for adult learners who want to establish basic fluency in Lao, Hmong, Vietnamese and Khmer. Students will learn to speak conversational level, improve comprehension, and grasp basic level reading and writing. All sessions incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening for a holistic balance of retaining the language. The program also includes activities in and outside of the classroom to continue fostering an engaging language environment. Sign up here.

Currently offering:

-Lao (active)
-Hmong (in progress)
-Vietnamese (in progress)
-Khmer (in progress)

Are you fluent in Lao, Hmong, Viet or Khmer?

Educate the next generation of better communicators with us. If you speak, read and write in Lao, Hmong, Vietnamese, Khmer (or any other Southeast Asian languages), join us in building your own teachers team. Paid gigs. Send resume to or call 612-460-5559.