Our Work

The Hubs = Community Spaces

A one-stop shop + convening hub with access to workshops in Southeast Asian languages, culture and connections to drive better knowledge-sharing.

1. The One Stop Hub – SEAD Project
Provides safe and welcoming space for Southeast Asian diaspora community leaders to have a support system, peer-to-peer learning, cultural and skills exchanges and workshops.

2. The Development Hub – Workshops (online + in-person)
Knowledge-sharing space for language learning, cultural knowledge, social issues and online storytelling through platforms such as Little Laos on the Prairie.

3. The Heritage Hub – SE Asia Heritage Workshops + SEA Trip (Lao, Viet, Khmer, Hmong)
Fosters an environment for Southeast Asian diaspora connections, conversations, streamlined and pop-up workshops on cross cultural skills, language materials, and service-learning trips to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

4. Little Laos on the PrairieOnline Diaspora Platform for Lao Voices

For more than five years, LLOTP has been an internationally-acclaimed online storytelling publication driven by a team of Lao American writers committed to sharing the journeys, cultures, and livelihoods of the Lao Diaspora experience. Through LLOTP’s simplified and creative platform, LLOTP aims to make space for our stories to be accessible, increase visibility of our culturally-specific issues, and empower Lao Diaspora communities across the globe to take ownership of their diverse voices. Read more: www.littlelaos.org

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