About Us

The SEAD Project started with the vision of Chanida Phaengdara Potter and a group of Southeast Asian young professionals who wanted to not only connect with their roots and heritage, but to think bigger and beyond preservation. We’re starting a diaspora development movement. To rethink and reimagine and reshape what’s possible in sustainable development and growth for a thriving community with a pivoted focus on empowering emerging Southeast Asian leaders, women and youth.


Started in 2010, The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora Development) is a creative social organization on a mission to be an accessible community hub that provides streamlined pop-up workshops on language learning, storytelling, cultural exchanges and knowledge-sharing for Southeast Asian diaspora communities. Through safe and welcoming spaces, we hope to connect the disconnected and drive empowerment to plant the seeds of hope and possibility, locally and globally.

Since 2015, SEAD is a legally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Vientiane, Laos (Ban Phon Village, Phone Hong District).


Empowering the disconnected Southeast Asian local + global diaspora communities.

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